Stuff i have written!

This page is currently under some serious construction. I'm trying to update things as i go, but i ended up just deleting everything. lol oh well. Keep checking though, as i'll be putting my satirical Romance Novel on here shortly! Some of the things on this site are things that i write for my friend FizixMan's site VGamp. I'm posting direct links to things I've written, but make sure to check out his site anyway. k? k.
I also write the weekly satirical horoscopes, but posting them on here would be dorky. Hehe

*My dog Rusty

*MR Rogers is a dirty old man!

*Stuff my Goofy friend Elicia writes!

* A Goofy Rumor i made up for my friend Fizixman's Site about ff7. (It's completely fictional, but at least we had pics and witnesses! hehe)

*A review of the Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack Same site.

* Another review I did for FizixMan, This time Final Fantasy x-2 was my victim. MWAHAHA

*The last soundtrack review for Fiz. This Time, Ikaruga.

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