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These are the most recent ones, and most were taken on our trip to our friend's wedding. oh, and here's a key for those vgampers or other 'net people visiting. Rikku_Suave = Rae, Syra = Gracey, Iokia_Genji = Erin, Lordrazael = Roy, Omakepants = Rusty, One Man Wrecking Crew = Luke.. you get the picture. okay. on with the pics!
Erin, in a fur coat, at a goodwill. Rae, in the REALLY bad afghan coat found at the aforementioned goodwill. Roys bad coat, also found at the aforementioned goodwill. Erin and Gracey, trying on bad dresses. (Goodwill.) Gracey, in a bad coat, and hat. at... GOODWILL! A fuzzy picture of Rae, Roy and Erin, in bad fur coats. Erin and Raeanne, trying on bad 80s dresses (NOT goodwill!) Gracey and Rae at a rest area in missouri Roy, doing a silly GQ-esque pose on Raes car. (rest area in missouri) Rae, Gracey and Erin. how very white we are. same place, same people, different pose. how very eloquent i am. lolk Rae, Gracey and Erin, being complete geeks. (Final Fantasy players are cringing right now) Okay, i took the last picture, and photoshopped it. hooray for ffx-2! Okay, thats enough of THAT nonsense. Gracey and Rae (dark) by a funny sign in Missisippi Roy and Erin by the same sign. (also dark) CHICKEN CAR!!!! Gracey, taking my picture as i take hers. Roys sister Chantal, and her son Lake Roys sister Chantal and Lake again Hooray! a hick! in the south! *ahem* THE WORD HAS AN APOSTROPHE!!!PSH. Look! this is what Rusty looks like MARRIED! a very married Rusty, and Roy in a bad suit. hooray! Omakepants (Rusty, still married) and us. (Erin, Rae and Gracey) Luke, protesting against the anti-alcohol rule, by making strange faces at the sparkling cider. Erin, at the wedding Rae and Roy at the wedding Erin and Gracey at the wedding. (There will ALWAYS be 'Hey Jude'!) Rae and Gracey at the wedding. Rae and Erin at the wedding. Erin and Roy at the wedding Erin, Gracey and Rae at the wedding The Posse. left to right: Shiitake, One Man Wrecking Crew, some guy i dont know, Omakepants (STILL married!) Jason and GORG Erin, Roy, Rae and Gracey at the wedding Look kids! Luke caught the garder! heh Rae, Erin and Gracey. arent we just LOVELY? BWAR Roy and Rae. Look! Erin is SAXY. hey.. this thumbnail nakes her look naked! ack! Roy, isnt he dreamy? lolk Gracey looks like shes gonna eat you. BWAR. BWAR! now IM teh saxy. Gracey and Roy at the wedding Gracey found a bad suit at Goodwill! FOR ONLY $1!! HAHA Wussie Erin fell asleep! THe Erin and Zach (Columbo i tell you!) Roy and Zach, looking very um.. yeah. lol Me GORG Gracey Rusty Simon (LABAN!!!) Luke Luke Luke Luke My boyfriend Roy Me Me, Roy and Erin My Boyfriend Roy again Roy Rusty Gracey Gracey i photoshopped myself into a vampire!! Rusty, and his Aqua Net. hooray for the 1980s! i photoshopped Roy as a vampire too! i photoshopped Laban (Simon) also! hes got wings! and heres Graceys photoshopped vampire pic.Here is Erin...the disco queen.Me. Im a RASTA Biker. w00tRoy looks like a goth Richard Petty. wheeeMy cousin Seth. In a mullet. I think thats all that needs to be said.The group of us. eeepfront row, erin, Laura, Josh, Doom (alex), Jackie. Back row, Roy, me, Stephanie
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